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Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home. Why? Because, as it happens, we all spend around one third of our lives in bed so, for many, an ordinary flatbed just won't do any more. It's vital, in this day and age, to promote good health and wellbeing – so much of that starts with a really good, quality and refreshing night's sleep. Charles Edwards make bespoke adjustable beds in Brighton and at other workshop locations throughout the UK. We combine high-quality German technology with our good old-fashioned British work ethic, taking great pride in producing beds that look, feel and are a cut above the rest. Every bed is built to your individual needs, so get in touch and find that perfect night's sleep today.

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What You Can Expect

If you're fit and healthy, you can enjoy all the fantastic features of our bespoke, adjustable beds, made in Brighton. If you love watching TV in bed, gaming, watching movies or being on your laptop, feel the bed adjust at the press of a button, to cradle your body perfectly. Then, sink back in comfort and wonder why you hadn't got one of our sumptuous beds before! Slip off into gentle sleep, knowing that you're supported properly.


grey upholdered adjustable bed


Upholstered Beds

Sleep in complete luxury with our selection of upholstered beds. Take a look and get in touch with us to have your bed 'bespoke', just the way you like it.

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Oak Beds 

We produce well-built, beautiful solid oak beds, made by hand, to complete your bedroom with its modern timeless lines that will blend perfectly into a modern or traditional surrounding. . All frames are made from the finest European Oak.

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Luxury velvet queen beds with electric adjustable remote


Luxury Adjustable Beds

Experience true luxury, with our hand-crafted, stylish statement beds. With the most luxurious fabrics and completely bespoke design, you can sure of the perfect night's sleep.

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Let's Make Life Easy For You…

Your dream bed is only a call away. Get in touch today and let us guide you to a new bespoke bed. You can have it just how you want it.

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 Sprung mattress for adjustable beds

Bespoke & Adjustable Mattresses

Accompanying our Brighton-made bespoke, adjustable beds are our bespoke, adjustable mattresses. With Charles Edwards, you choose the mattress that you want, with a wide variety of densities and sizes, to ensure you get exactly the night's sleep you're looking for. Choose from super-soft to very firm, and drift off into dreamland. Our premium mattresses are 100% British-made with our excellent combination of support foam and memory foam. They include a removable washable cover, which uses “Cool Max” technology, ensuring that you stay cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. If you prefer, we can offer our oh-so-comfy, specially developed pocket sprung mattresses, in a soft or medium density.

As we all know, sharing a bed with a partner or loved one can be tricky at the best of times. They may snore, they may toss and turn, a rogue elbow might hit you and disturb your shut-eye. Why would you tolerate this? We all have different densities and “feels” that we prefer when sleeping, so why compromise? A regular one-piece mattress doesn't always do the trick, so we give you the option to pick and choose individual mattresses for each of you, if you prefer – it's like two beds in one!

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While our specialisation is bespoke, adjustable beds, made in Brighton, we also ply our trade producing the finest luxury Oak furniture for your home. This includes office furniture and, naturally, bedroom furniture, too. Take a look at our selection and get inspired!

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 Selection of wooden bedroom furniture featuring our bed, side tables and chest of drawers





 Who Are We?

Charles Edwards & Co has been in operation in excess of 12 years, producing the finest-quality handmade furniture and bedframes that money can buy. Our service is completely bespoke and designed specifically around your needs. Visit our About Us page to find out more.

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orange adjustable bed with electric remote

Why Choose an Electric Adjustable Bed?

Our bespoke, adjustable beds are made in Brighton and their electric features elevate them to a whole new level of luxury. They offer countless advantages that you just don't get from an ordinary bed. These include:

  • Versatility
  • Reclining Features
  • Easy Access
  • Simple Operation
  • Quiet Function
  • Pinpoint Body Massage (Optional)

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 For The Less Able

There is simply no need to put up with discomfort or pain any longer. Thanks to our Charles Edwards mobility beds, or our adjustable beds – perfect for the elderly – life can be so much more comfortable and far less stressful.

Quality Beds

If you're dealing with medical issues, an ordinary flatbed is not the answer. With our sturdy 5 lever actions and robust motors (incidentally, our robust beds are built to facilitate any person up to 25 stone [158kgs] in weight), we specialise in quality mobility beds. Have a chat with our sleep experts and let us guide you towards the perfect bed for you.

Built On Experience

We have years of experience, thanks to our many customers who have experienced an array of medical conditions. Our bespoke adjustable beds are handmade in Brighton and shipped UK-wide, ensuring your comfort, no matter your condition.






We Have Great Choice!

No matter who you are, what condition your body is in or how far along the journey of life you are, you can trust that we'll have the right bed to suit your needs. Choose from:

  • Our electric mobility bed (Profile & Lift)
  • Our Split King adjustable bed
  • Our Recliner bed
  • Something completely bespoke

Simply get in touch with the team and let's have a chat.

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Underbed drawers on our adjustable bed

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